Great book. Got it because a friend was running a post-apocalyptic setting with the previous version, so when I saw the update published I threw my money at it immediately. Some great improvements on the previous book, and I've still barely touched the entirely new sections, so money well spent. Also, the author has made two large updates since release correcting small errors and imbalances, as well as making available a fillable pdf character sheet, so it's lovely to see such care and attention paid. Thanks for all the hard work.

--Edward (DrivethruRPG)

My wife and I have been GMs for 30+ years. UM5 is fantastic for your Modern/Futures needs. This Redux edition is an outstanding overhaul of the original UM5. You can do so much with this set of rules, it's clean and very flexible.

Wesley G

Totally impressed with the whole look of it, so much detail

Therese M L.

Never before have I been so excited about being a GM. This rule set which is incredibly easy to follow has given me complete freedom in running any kind of campaign in any world imaginable. Ever wanted to make giant macros like mecha battle it out with giant sand worms look no further, this is the book for you. 10/10 would subject my players to all the weird ADHD driven ideas again. thanks Dias Ex Machina Games.

William M

Ultramodern 5 Redux

Between the fact that the creator keeps actively updating it and the beautiful artwork, you are looking at one of the best 5e supplements out there. Truly amazing mechanics make this a joy to play.

Nigel S

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