Ultramodern 5 Redux

Between the fact that the creator keeps actively updating it and the beautiful artwork, you are looking at one of the best 5e supplements out there. Truly amazing mechanics make this a joy to play.

Nigel S

Roleplayers Chronicle (Todd Crapper): "Ultramodern4 is a magnificent accomplishment in alternative game design and I can’t help but feel it is superior to D&D, even if it is required to play this game. It achieves what D&D could not because it was not held down to a particular reference point – previous versions of D&D ...

Neuroglyph Games: "Chris Dias has done a remarkable job in transforming 4E rules into something very useful to gamers looking to take a break from heroic fantasy – but still get to play a 4E style game!  The rules are very innovative, as are the new mechanics for character design, and ...

RPGNow: "D.E.M. Games has set the standard for 4e modern and has no apparent challengers."

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