Cover art by Jaime Jones. Amethyst cover and logo by Nick Greenwood

Edition 2.0
Now in FULL COLOR!  
Re-edited and clarified.

Which side will you choose? Which weapons will you wield? Earth is torn between the order of science and the chaos of fantasy. These two worlds cannot mix. Venture into lands once claimed by skyscrapers and factories, now overrun by elves, goblins, and dragons. Choose your path and commit to the quest. Monsters will hunt you; machines will track you. No gods will help you; no prophecies will choose you. The fate of the world rests with you.

The critically acclaimed Amethyst setting, now for PATHFINDER

This rulebook includes: 

  • Ten New races 
  • Eight technology-based classes 
  • Dozens of new traits
  • Paragon paths for both science and magic based characters 
  • All new equipment from revolvers to railcannons 
  • Listings for powered armor and futuristic vehicles 
  • Monsters for every challenge rating 
  • 3.75-compliant rules to add technology to any Pathfinder game
  • All the setting information from Amethyst Foundations
  • All the famous artwork from previous Amethyst publications
  • Includes a high resolution map of the world, four desktop wallpapers, and high resolution images of all of Amethyst's color images from artists Nick Greenwood and Jaime Jones!
  • Pimp your auto. Purchase vehicles and modify their features.

RPGNow Featured Review: "I cannot overstate the quality of the interior art in Amethyst: Renaissance – the book has a grand total of three artists and between them, they’ve produced what might possibly the single best-illustrated book ever made for Pathfinder."

"By this point, my thoughts on Amethyst: Renaissance should be abundantly clear, but it bears repeating – this campaign world is breathtaking in its scope. There’s so much here, so artfully presented and with a tone that’s so holistic that it seems to leap off the page." 

"It’s almost intimidating how high the bar is set; a sort of implication that says “for real role-players only!” but if that’s the case it backs it up."

"The bottom line is that Amethyst sets a standard for campaign settings, one that won’t soon be matched. If you want a true renaissance for your Pathfinder game, look no further: it’s Amethyst."

Endzeitgeist: "Now this is what this book does perfectly right: Each trait comes with an extensive, long flavor text that immerses one in the respective background and best of all, also roots the character believably and deep in the world of Amethyst Renaissance. This is how traits should be handled. Kudos, respect and two thumbs up - 3pps, take heed, this is how it can be done!"

"The artworks, oh the artworks: They belong, tops, to the most iconic, awesome, evocative and brilliant pieces I've seen done in b/w and the couple of full-color artworks herein are no less dazzling in their beauty."

"This pdf is cheap. I mean it. Ridiculously cheap in fact. 15 bucks for 400 pages? Of content of this quality? Now if that is not an excellent bang-for buck ratio, I don't know what is. I'd honestly be hard-pressed to mention another book that marries stellar artworks, a truly unique and smart setting, innovative rules and interesting ideas while being this damn affordable- At the low asking price, Amethyst Renaissance is a total, complete steal."

"What I can say is that this pdf made me want to play in the setting. That its races came more to life to me on these pages than just about ALL races I've reviewed this year. That the ideas are often not adhering to standard PFRPG-solutions, but work well and in unique, special ways. That the base-classes rock hard and feel cool. That I love the creative ideas, twists and all the unique "clash of culture"-style pieces of information. If my review left you even remotely curious and/or you're looking for a truly new, unique and versatile setting, I'd strongly encourage you to check this pdf out - Amethyst Renaissance is clearly a professional book and a labor of love. And at the low price, I can still justify to give this book my full blessing - thus, my final verdict, in spite of the minor blemishes that can easily be neglected, will be 5 stars."

Chauncey Priest: "I am not long on words so I'll just say this is my favorite setting for fantasy and Sci-Fi. The fact that it came out with Pathfinder rules is just icing on the cake. When I read through the setting my mind wanders and conjures up images that most games fall far short of accomplishing because they just don't seem that original. A few final thoughts would be incredible artwork and layout make it a pleasure to have in my game collection."

RPGNow Review: "Most amazing of all, the product left me wanting to know more about the world and its inhabitants. I've been playing RPG's for decades, and I must say it has been a while since that has happened. I give this book an enthusiastic thumbs up."





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