Cover art by Jaime Jones. Amethyst cover and logo by Nick Greenwood


This 75-page book includes both Hearts of Chaos and the new Heralds for the Hoodoos adventure.

Which side will you choose? Which weapons will you wield? Earth is torn between the order of science and the chaos of fantasy. These two worlds cannot mix. Venture into lands once claimed by skyscrapers and factories, now overrun by elves, goblins, and dragons. Choose your path and commit to the quest. Monsters will hunt you; machines will track you. No gods will help you; no prophecies will choose you. The fate of the world rests with you.


The world after Humanity's fall from grace is a deadly and dangerous place. With Amethyst: Acceleration, you can be ready to save the world--or destroy it--quicker than ever.

--Quick and simple rules that give you a ready-to-play character with just a few basic facts.

--An assortment of pregenerated PCs to get your imagination flowing.

--Two full adventures to get you started, showcasing both the techan experience and the fantasy world.

--Expand your experience with Amethyst: Destiny or any other Amethyst setting book.

--For best experience, this book requires the Deck of Fate or Fate dice. A copy of Fate Core or Fate Accelerated is also recommended.



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