Cover art by Jaime Jones. Amethyst cover and logo by Nick Greenwood

Compatible with the 13th Age roleplaying game


Remastered with new content and updated rules!

Amethyst is a Role Playing Game presenting a world where a true-to-book fantasy setting is forced upon our real world.  How would humanity respond?  This is not some stylized view of Earth seen in books and on TV.  It’s a world with all the problems, both social and political, intact.  

        Five hundred years after magic’s return, the remnants of our technological heritage live in the few remaining bastions—cities like ones of present day, but walled in against the encroaching magic surrounding it.  

        Will mankind be able to retake the planet and push the fantasy back into the realms of our imagination, able to resume our bind passion for consumerism and industrialization?  Is this world better than the one mankind squandered?

        Hearts of Chaos is an introductory module for Amethyst.  It includes new rules and pregenerated characters for those wanting to get right into the action.

        The players take the role of members of an international techan mercenary company tasked with a critical mission:  Venture into a no-man’s land where few humans have been, find a rogue former colonel in lie with those born of magic, and kill him.

        This adventure includes: 

  • Five Pregenerated characters 
  • All the basic rules from Amethyst required for play.
  • Monsters unique to the Amethyst setting.
  • 13th Age-compliant rules to add technology to any game
  • Full Color Artwork from Nick Greenwood.




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